Are two strand twists a protective style?

I have a short twa, but it is long enough to two-strand twist. I wanted a protective style that I could wear underneath my wigs that is not damaging to my hair. Are medium-sized two strand twists beneficial for length retention? If I twist my hair every two weeks throughout the fall and winter, is it too rough on my ends? Also, is it okay to keep them in for two weeks then take them out and wash my hair? Then I would just re-do them for another two weeks or so. Should I keep them in for less time or more than two weeks? If two strand twists aren't protective, should I do flat twists or cornrows. (I don't know of any other twa protective styles that don't involve extensions.) Also, any advice on moisturizing hair while in two-strand twists would be highly appreciated (such as how to and how often). I know this is a lot and any help would be highly appreciated. Note: I am not highly active with (4C hair).-Carla

1 Answer

corn rows would work best for short hair or under a wig . You should moisturiser your hair as needed because Every hair texture is  different .