how to make detangling easier?

ok so I am on vacation in FL. I went to the pool today and washed my hair with this loreal shampoo. I don't normally use that, Im a shea moisture girl. but after i washed my hair i noticed my hair was stripped and dry. I didnt detangle my hair because it was taking me long and i was just so tired of taking forever. this has happened before and im growing sooooo impatient (first time not detangling it all tho) I takes me 30 minutes  just to detangle my hair and i got a haircut two months ago... what should i do tomorrow morning? im freaking out right now and im annoyed. should i cut my hair shorter to make it easier? please help me! 

2 Answers

you can use a detangler or make one your own just by adding a little bit of conditioner into a spray bottle of water and using a wide tooth comb. Hope i helped
Seek a professional stylist that can recommend you to some amazing hair products that will work for your hair type . There isn't anything wrong with chopping it off if you can't manage your natural curls . Curly hair require a lot of attention  and deep-conditioner treatments . Section your hair after a good conditioner , and twist is out . Let it dry while twist are in place , take out then style .  Good luck .