How to make an unfortunate DevaCut on Wavy Hair look presentable

I am a solid wavy curly and made the mistake of getting a DevaCut. What was I thinking???It came out waaaaaay too short. It's awful. It would look OK for a day at the beach or Saturday night out at the movies with a BoHo outfit, I suppose. But I can't possibly go to work like this. I look 12 years old and completely unpolished and unsophisticated.It's hair and it will grow, I know. But in the meantime, any suggestions on how to style an ugly DevaCut to look presentation in the meantime?  I can't do straight with it because it's all choppy lengths.  But maybe something to pull the curl out and relax it to a loose wave?Any suggestions happily welcome.

1 Answer

I just got a dry cut into an asymmetrical bob and it looks wavier than before. That's why its hard for me to understand what happened in your case. Even thou it isn't all regular and it has levels or it is all choppy like you call it, I can pull straight hair, it has to be flat iron but it looks quite ok. If you can't make a straight look work and wavy/curly isn't working either, try to apply less product, just enough for frizz control and maybe brushing the hair so it will be looser and curly. What you should do is call the saloon and complain about it, ask them to give you a new stylist that know wavy hair and to fix it for free, because you worked for that money and you worked on your hair, so it will be a complete waste of both money and time. So they either fix it, give you a refund or a keratin treatment. Try to reason with them, and also if you are truly unsatisfied with the results do consider a keratin treatment, that will make the wave looser and maybe the cut to look better. Good luck