Managing Long curly hair?

I have had enough with my "long" hair. It might not be long to most people because it's at my chest right now. However, the last time I had it this long was 4-5 years ago! Ever since I 've had chin length. I am getting fed up. My curls aren't nearly as curly anymore! I had nice, even 3a curls everywhere. Now I'm a 2a/2b at the root and half way down my hair, then my ends are 3a/3b! My "bangs" are stupid because they're the opposite of the rest of my hair! Tight 3b curls at the roots, then they just fall straight at the ends. Frizz is out of control, and I have major pyramid hair going on. I want to cut it short again, but then I feel bad because I want to have nice long curls like I originally planned. I need advice or else I'm cutting it all off.

2 Answers

I just have some styling tips. First, to not have 2a/2b hair, try scrunching. Whenever you are drying your hair, just scrunch, easy as that. Second, for more spirally curls take sections of your hair, twist it, and let it dry that way. (I do that, works GREAT.) A diffuser could also be helpful. I hope I could help a little!
****UPDATE**** So I decided to do some research on protein treatments because I heard it could make your hair "springier" and more defined. So I found out about the stretch test and my hair did fall under the category of needing protein. I was scared because I didn't know if I would've put too much protein and experience "protein sensitivity". But no matter! I sucked it up and did a protein deep conditioning treatment and OH MY GOODNESS! My hair has never looked so bouncy and defined and volumized! It was a God sent to my hair. I didn't get to fix my frizz problem but I don't care. I live in south Florida, I'll just blame the rain and humidity! So whenever my hair begins to fall flat again, I know what to do! I'll try to get pictures of my hair for you later.