Mastering Styling?

I'm having a lot of trouble learning how to style my hair. I can't seem to get the styles I want down right leaving me to just tying my hair in a bun which can get tiring and put a strain on my hair. They say 'practice makes perfect' but I don't want to rummage my hands through my hair all the time cause that can lead to breakage.What is the best way to master styling?  

2 Answers

practicing really is the only way. Learn about your hair properties and the climate of where you're living and find products that work best with those conditions. I always recommend applying product to soaking wet hair, that works best for a lot of people so give that a try. Don't just pull things off shelves and go at; you want to make educated product choices. Smooth the hair for elongation, and scrunch for enhancing curls.
I agree... practicing is the only way. Have you had a stylist show you some ideas/techniques? That might lead to some shortcuts.