How do you mix it up?

I've been wearing my hair pretty much the same for quite some time now. Due to me finally figuring out a routine & products that work for me.  I was complaining about the rain frizzing up my hair & asked my fiance if he was embarrased to go into the store with my frizzy self, he responded "your hair always looks the same" I said but it's soooo frizzy he responded "frizzy or not it still looks the same". Now I'm sure he didn't mean it in a bad way, but I took it to heart. I need to mix up my style some and I'm just not sure where to mix it up. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for me? My regular routine is wash & go.1: Wash hair (or just get it wet & add a smidge of conditioner on 2nd & 3rd day) don't rinse out conditioner completely.2: Detangle with finger and wide tooth comb.3: Add weightless styling product, comb through4: Add oil, comb through.5: Scrunch my heart out. 6: Plop for anywhere from 15 min to 4 hours7: Take hair out of plop (not sure how else to word that haha) & finish with either cool blow dry or air dry.

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