At the moment I am really hating my hair! I don't know how to style it. I do the same style

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I have the same problem expect I'm too scared to wear my curls. You could have it half up, half down. Pinned to the side. In a bun. Braids in the front or side and the rest down. I think the should be a video or something on this website for newly and not so newly naturals to show off their curls. 
The best thing to do is to experiment! Pick something you think is really cute and try it. You can do a variety of buns, braids, or half up styles that are super quick and really easy! Or go for the direct opposite and don't style at all- do a wash 'n 'go with no effort to part it a certain way.
Here are some hairstyle videos
here's another
and another
even more
last one ... at the moment