mouse vs gel

I am a Caucasian with spiral ringlets. I have always used mouse (captivating curls by sauve) for a least 5 years now. I viewed some Utube videos regarding styling with gel or flax seed gel .today I made some flax seed gel and prior to using it I did a deep condition with design line olive oil hair mask , rinsed out mask thoroughly and put in a leave in conditioner then applied the flax seed gel,plopped for 20min and the end results was very weird and gross . Why is the end result so different using gel? My curls are soft and defined with the mouse.Thank you for any thoughts you may have !!My curly friends also use gel I don't understand what my problem is with gel :(

2 Answers

Hi there. I have fine 3b hair as well. You could try applying your gel with a different method. I don't use the ploppinp method to apply gel, I use it to smooth the curls strand by strand. When it dries the gel leaves a ''gel  cast'' around your hair. Scrunch it to remove the cast and to add volume. Give it a go :)
thank you rookie :) I appreciate Your help and support . I will try it when I have a day off give you a detailed update .A question tho what gel non heavy should I use ? I currently have sauve captivating curls and the flax seed gel i made . I can pick up too any suggestions you have .Thank you so much again and have a great day tomorrow!!!! :)