Multiple hair types, no clue how to style!

I'm pretty young, so I'm aware that my hair may go through stages, but it's been curly all my life. However, puberty hit and parts of my hair just went insane! The back of my head is 2b-ish, the roots of my hair (excluding the front) are all 2c, and the very front of my hair is 3b down to the root. I've tried styling my hair in different ways, but it always ends up frizzy, with the top of my head dead-flat and the bottom very poofy. This picture is the best I've got, being a Christmas photo and all... My hair is still damp in the picture. On a normal day I air dry my hair, after scrunching it with a towel. Thanks to anyone who pays attention to this question!

1 Answer

My hair is pretty crazy like yours.This is what I would do:1- After taking a shower ring your hair out. Like grab that hair and TWIST.2- Get a old (cotton- to reduce frizz) t-shirt and plop your hair into the head hole.3- Twist rest of shirt and pin back like your wrapping your hair in a towel.4- Take your hair out after it dried a bit, but still left damp.5- Scrunch hair and shake from the root repeatedly.And taadah!PS: You may want to use some good mousse, or some definer on it to keep from getting frizzy.I hope this helps!!!!