My hair is curly at the roots and throughout, but has straight pieces on the bottom! Help!

I went two years without cutting my hair, I have 3a curls but I had damaged it with my flat iron. Although my hair was long and beautiful, I wanted healthy hair back! I cut my hair and now it's just below my bra without being stretched. It's healthy and soft and I don't have split ends, yes some of my hair isn't as curly as the rest. My roots and underneath my hair are more of a 3b curl, yet the pieces framing my face and near the bottom aren't even curly! What do I do to even my curls throughout my head?

2 Answers

You might still have some damaged pieces that you need to cut off, or maybe that's just natural for your hair. No one's curls are perfectly even, that's impossible.
It's pretty common to have hair of different curl types on the same head. I'm not sure there's really anything you can do about it, other than use a curling iron to curl the straighter parts.