What natural hairstyle would look good on me?

My hair is 4a/4b (majority 4b). I can't seem to find a hairstyle that suits me. I've tried a twist out, but I don't know how to style so that it fits me. My hair is shoulder length and I dont mind cutting it because my goal isn't really to grow it out. Any ideas?

1 Answer

First of all, I just wanted to say that you're really pretty :-)Second of all, I do have a few ideas for different hairstyles for you. Since you are open to cutting your hair, I would suggest going for a pixie cut. I will attach a few pictures so you can see what it looks like.Have you ever tried straightening your hair? That could be a temporary option.You could get something like box braids put in. Any braids that will last for a long time or not. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.If you watch YouTube videos, search up "glamtwinz334". I'm pretty sure that their hair is a 3c or 4a, so it's quite similar to yours. They make tons of videos, so check them out!I'll also attach a video on how to make a goddess braid because I think they look cool! I wish you the best of luck!- Danielle