Naturally Curly Gothic Hairstyles?

Hello. I'm wanting to know if there are ANY naturally curly (3A-B in particular) Gothic hairstyles/cuts? I'm going to dye it black but I can't find any styles.... they are all straight or at the most wavy!!! Its so irritating. Please help. :(

4 Answers

i'd say long with straight bangs
Are you going traditional Gothic or Lolita Gothic? The latter is easy, as the hair texture doesn't really matter, it’s all about styling your hair in a child-like way (pig tails, side ponytails, double buns) & adding Gothic accessories (black ribbons, lace headbands, skull cameo clips, etc.) For the more traditional route, try Victorian inspired up-dos (think Helena Bonham Carter in any of the many Tim Burton movies she has been in). To be honest, the color alone should be enough to give it a Gothic vibe & your accessories & clothing will be more important towards creating the look than a specific hair style or cut. I would recommend to keep as much length as possible, as the shorter you go, the more punk & the less Gothic it will look.
finger waves! smooth out your curls with a large round brush and a smoothing product. see these pics for inspiration :)
here's a video that might help you in the meantime: