Need help with my curly bangs!!!

I'm trying to fix my hair from heat damage (been straightening my hair every two weeks for 4 years, my hair started falling out, it got significantly shorter and it has a lot of heat damage of course) and I've stopped straightening it in hopes that the damaged hair will grow out and then start growing healthy and back to how it was before. My bangs is the only problem I have, I don't want to straighten them but it looks weird if I don't. Any ways I can style it? 

1 Answer

I'm the same except that my hair is growing out into a 4a/4b. I usually wrap them around a snap roller at night to get them straighter, cover it a serum heat protectant, and then pass over it once or twice with the flat iron on the lowest (300 degrees) setting. Luckily, my hair is thick so it doesn't get damaged *that* easily. It might not go as well if you have finer hair. Then again, with a loser curl pattern (and probably  different texture, the snap roller might be all you need.