Need help with easy hair styles!! Please, I'm a n00b!

I'm a 3C type. I might be what one considers "too natural". While I bathe and shave and all that other good stuff regularly, I don't really wear make-up, and my hair style repertoire consists of three styles: all-out natural, the pineapple ponytail, and the bun. Perhaps with an occasional bump.I'd like to know about any easily done (by a n00b) natural hair styles so I can change things up a bit without getting too crazy. I don't want to have to use tools like a dryer, curling rods, or things like that. I'd be particularly interested in protective styles. I'd love if I could do these things without my arms falling off, but they can go numb just from the pineapple!! Also, this post is about hair, but any makeup contouring tips for beginners would be welcomed. ^_^Any help is appreciated!! Thanks for your time!

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