Need help with frizzy, stringy 2c hair!

I'm exclusively breastfeeding my newborn so I'm losing a ton of hair. This  is a natural side effect. But I'm also suffering from stringy hair in the back and halo frizz on top. I've been CG for years using all DevaCurl products but lately they've been drying my hair out and making it very puffy and dry, also feels like a film is on my hair. So I switched to AG Liquid Effects Gel and AG Recoil Curl Activator which I use together - they form beautiful curls in the front but still stringy in the back. My hair also takes forever to dry and holds on to water like it's nobody's business. I have to style and diffuse from a damp condition rather than soaking way otherwise my roots lay flat to my head and do not curl. I'm so frustrated and ready to just blow out my hair. Here are pics. Any styling advice is appreciated. Oh, I also have to diffuse every day otherwise my curls go limp and extra frizzy!

2 Answers

ok. Wow! Let me just start off by saying your curls are very beautiful. What I'd like to say is that when my hair gets like that, I rinse all product build up from my scalp and use my deep condition (infused with coconut milk and oil) and plop my hair. I have 2c/3a type curls and this works best for me. You could also try applying a little Aragon oil to your ends to hydrate them. Hope that helps and best wishes to happy curls!
It's easier to get bigger clumps if you apply product to sopping wet hair. I know b/c my Deva stylist got great curl clumps in my hair but I had zero root lift and the top of my hair had no curls! LOL So, I split the difference and accept some stringy curls in order to have any volume on my fine hair! I don't love the DC product for the reasons you mentioned and a few others. I like Curl Keeper an then Dermorganics Volume foam. I haven't tried the AG products but have seen videos on them. You could try using a spray bottle to wet the ends (not the roots) in the back to get more clumping when you are applying your products. You might have low porosity hair, it takes a lot longer to dry! I diffuse and then let it finish air drying as long as possible before I scrunch out the crunch. Do you pineapple and sleep on a satin pillowcase? Because I can get 2nd and 3rd day hair from doing this. I like to use Shea Moisture Yucca & Plantain Milk as my refresher. If it is super frizzy I spray a little half water/conditioner combo on it and then use the milk. Hope that helps. And I agree with previous comment that your curls are gorgeous! Happy mama-ing! ;)