Why do we need to use a lot of different layering products to get curl definition? Haidresser in are

G'Day All, I have 2c hair onwards and my question is why do we need to usea multitude of hair products just to get curl definition? Can't we just use a LI and say AG Re:coil curl Activator? I don't the method behind all this "extra product stuff". Could you please explain?Also how would i go about finding curly hair Hairdresser/Salon in Central Victoria, Australia? I have looked but can't find anyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this.HoorooCarlsruhe

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Hey carlsruhe, longtime!I think it depends on your hair and hairtype. Let's say if you're a type 2a/b then you shouldn't layer too much products as it would weigh your hair down. If you're a type 3/4 you need more layers to add moisture and to lock that moisture in. Leave ins to moisturize your hair, a thick cream or butter for definition and an oil or a gel to lock it all in. If you have a leave in that defines your curls enough then it's not necessary to use a cream as well ofcourse! Same backwards.