New to plopping and having issues

I am having a couple issues with plopping. One, when I plop my hair (2b and 2c) it comes out frizzy, flat, and looking matted. I also have a hair part that goes half way down the back of my head. I use a wide tooth comb to run conditioner through my hair and use the squish to condish method upside down in the shower with cold water. I scrunch my hair with a cotton t- shirt and then add curl creme which I scrunch in with my hands. Then I plop my hair into a cotton t-shirt. My second problem is my blonde hair. When it air dries it looks dark and greasy by the time it dries. If I use a diffuser it gets frizzy. I really don't know what to do about either problem. Any advice is appreciated!!

1 Answer

I think I can help but....What are you cleansing your hair with? What is your curl cream?