Please help me figure out what to do with my natural hair that has no shape or curl pattern

My hair is extremely thick and chin length with no visible curls or clumps. It kind of of just hangs there not straight, wavy, curly, or coily (think Mufasa from the Lion King). It won't puff out enough for an afro puff or lay back smooth and tight for a ponytail without like 3 bands and a bunch of product. A wash and go is a definite no-no lol. I've worn bantu knot outs and twist outs but they frizz or lose definition quickly so I have to do them every other day which is very difficult because of my school, work, and parenting schedule . Does anybody have suggestions of products, styles, manipulations, or anything to help it be more manageable or look better? Yes, I moisturize and no, I don't use heat. My mom said even as a child my hair was just kind of frizzy and that's why it was always banded and plaited. All suggestions are appreciated. Also, there are no natural hair salons near the small town where I live.

1 Answer

Hmmm have you considered maybe braids or wigs during the week when you're at your busiest? They're quick and easy and take little to no time. As for products, have you tried curl defining products and deep conditioning? If not give them a try. My curls aren't even visible without some sort of curl defining product. Also try the LOC method to help keep the moisture in your hair longer. That may help with some of your frizz.