Has anyone plopped under a salon-type bonnet hair dryer?

I have very very thick hair that can stay wet or damp eaisily for a full day. I have a job that requries me to keep it up so I don't have time to air dry.  I want to get the most spring out of my curls as I can and am wondering  what the best way to do that would be under my hair dryer. Could I try plopping or is there another way? And if so, How??I am currently gathering the majority in a clip, and athough it dryes the hair it is held too tight to stick to its original form.

2 Answers

Have you considered the 4 Best Ways to Dry Curl Hair?
I like to use a diffuser on the cool setting when I'm in a rush. The cool setting prevents means that you're not getting the same damage as you would with heat. I know some curlies like to turn the heat up on full blast in their car on the way to work to help dry their hair more quickly, or rolling down the windows to air dry it. I haven't plopped under a bonnet but my initial thought is that the tshirt would get in the way of the air flow and would slow down drying time.