Ponytail help.

I don't often wear my hair in ponytails, I know it can damage my hair. But every once in a while I want to wear my hair in a pony tail, BUT my hair has hair at the hairline of my face that is wispy and not good looking there is very little of that hair, it's longish but always gives my trouble even when my hair is down, they look awful. Anyways I can't pull that part of my hair up, and I can never seem to make a stylish ponytail, any advice, ideas, and maybe a way to make my ponytails look better? it hate that hair! Thanks! :)

1 Answer

For the wispy pieces I recommend a cotton headband. They look very cute with ponytails in my opinion!(Or with your hair just down.) I had this trouble too, so I started doing buns. I just did a simple twist with my ponytail then bobby pinned it down. (Now I just twist it all back.) For a more stylish ponytail, try braiding the hair, if you like that look. Or braiding a tiny piece and wrapping it around the top of your ponytail... does that make sense? Anyway, hoped I helped!