How to position/part hair to dry so top layer isn't frizzy

So I just have been transitioning to the CG method for a couple weeks. I have never been able to wear my hair natural because it is the definition of frizz - I would literally have a triangle shaoed poof on my head that was just dry and frizzy but not even curly. I straightened the roots of my hair often the past couple of years but did not have much other damage. So far the main thing that CG has helped me with is realizing how much moisture my hair and curls really need so as not to frizz! Anyway, the middle and bottom layers of my hair are looking good from CG, curling/clumping well and not being frizzy. My question though is the top part of my hair isn't curling as well and is still frizzy? I realize it may still need to heal but based on my hair in general I think that's more for the curl and not the frizz. Is there anyway that people apply product to their hair/let it dry so the top layers aren't frizzy? Also, how do people part their hair when air drying? Because I have been doing it kind of nautral but when I adjust it when my hair is dry I end up breaking some clumps. But if I leave it parted when wet, I don't have as much volume at my roots because my hair is so thick and heavy. Also one side of my head is making beuatiful clumpy curls but the other side isn't - any more advice for that?

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