Products and Styling Tip for Combination Curls

My hair is so horribly combination...I am a 52 yr old caucasian woman, trying to grow my hair out and is currently just below my ears when wet and cut in layers. Overall its fine hair, Top is very curly, Back has even curl pattern and thick, Sides are looser curls but very thin and "see-through", sides at the bottom are very loose curls. top front is starting to do this weird thing of starting a nice curl then transitioning to stick straight. I know the curling iron is a no-no, but WTH. And no matter what I've used there is still frizz. I've just recently started using a diffuser but doesn't work all that well. I don't have time to let it air dry, when I've don that it looks like crap. Very frustrated overall and could use some advice.And to top it all off there's not curly stylists near me in small-town midwest OK

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