Quick hairstyle for short 4c hair with thining edges (thining only on one side, looks like a sidecut

so my hair is 4c and short but long enough to put in a puff. I where the puff ever day since 1 year because its quick. But since 6 months I realise that my edges are thining and I dont know which hairstyle to do without stressing my edges.. My hair is to short to do any other hairstyles and i am not that talented to do twists out by my self. I really need help cause I am really frustrated and started to hate my hair. 

1 Answer

Hello! The sides of my hair are as struggling a bit due to me shaving it down/cutting it. Maybe you can try finger coiling it/separating your strands for definition?(while leaving your sides away, and just maintaining your normal routine.) It's similar to a wash n go. I also have type 4 hair. Hope this helps a bit!