Rats tails!

Help! My hair is like it is in my pic but I cant diffuse it like this. It just looks like rats tails. It also goes quite fluffy. Believe it or not, the only way I can get it to look fairly normal is to not condition it at all (seems to weigh it down), not brush or touch it after showering but to just gently put some KMS curl cream on it and leave it to dry naturally but the longer it is getting the longer it takes to dry! I want to be able to dry it with a diffuser but it just ends up looking straggly and obviously unbrushed (brushing is out of the question!)...Sorry for the long post but I am stumped and dont know what to try next ( I have tried everything I have read so far).Thank you.Lou

2 Answers

Hi Lou, Diffusing takes time to master. It's hard for me to tell what you might be doing wrong if I can't see you diffusing, but are using all of these best practices? 1. diffuse on low heat 2. don't turn on the blow dryer until you've already scooped your hair. When you're done with one section, turn it off and then release your hair. The idea is you don't want to blow around your strands when they're not scooped up. 3. twist your diffuser at the top of your head to create waves. 4. Use a good gel or mousse to hold your style all day. 5. Dry until it is 80% dry. Let air dry the rest of the time.  I still haven't nailed diffusing. Some wavies really don't like diffusing because it breaks up the curls. My advice is to stick to what produces results for your hair. Your hair looks great in the picture. Is that the result of your above regimen? I think you've got it figured out by now that wavies can't layer products like curlies do. It weighs our hair down. So stick to one product like you're doing and you should be fine. Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions. :)
That's great thank you :) I am doing all of that except for twisting the diffuser at the top of my head..I think i know what you mean! I also feel like I dont know if im doing the right thing before I dry my hair by not combing it through..maybe I just cant diffuse my hair.Thanks again