How to get rid of these POM POMS

I have very fine type 3A (I guess?) Hair.. it tends to look flat/wavy on about the top half and then I get these big puffy pom poms on the bottom. I currently use Marc Anthony curl defining lotions and a gel to style.. I don't diffuse, mostly because I'm no good at it and usually end up with a frizzy mess. I've tried plopping and it's hit and miss, sometimes the curls look healthy and bouncy, other times it's straight to a pony tail. I've tried cutting it with shorter layers, in hopes that it would distribute the weight more evenly and prevent it from pulling to the bottom. Again, it hasn't made much difference. I'm to my wits end here and am almost to the point of just chopping it all off! Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated, please keep in mind that I am on a budget. Thank you!!

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