What's the best product for hair with a lot of variation?

On different parts of my head I have curls that go from 2C to 3B. While one specific product might help some curls, it usually doesn't help the others. What's a product you know of that works with hair in that range?

1 Answer

One of the things that makes curly hair so amazing is that no two curly heads are the same. Hair type is variable and can be affected by climate, products used, and daily activities and styling routines. I find that the number and lettering system used on this site (2a, 3a, 4a etc.) is too specific, which may cause confusion.  I would focus more on a general curl type than a number range. I follow the Deva system by Lorraine Massey and these are the categories used:S'wavy hair (straighter hair with a slight bend)Wavy hair Botticelli curls (mix of curls and waves)Cherub curls (baby-fine lightweight curls)Corkscrew curls (tight curls)Corkicelli curls (mix of tighter Botticelli curls and corkscrew curls) Fractal/zigzag curls (extremely tight curls that will appear significantly longer when brushed or straightened)It sounds like you have Botticelli curls. Use an ultra-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and water-soluble products. Mousses and gels are your friends here, although gels should not be alcohol-based (they will make your hair extremely sticky). Cream-based products work well in dry climates or in the winter, but will weigh your hair down in the summer humidity.