what shampoo/conditioner products would recommend for straightening hair? also for flaky scalp?

I'm finally ready to embrace my natural curly hair! but i still love how my hair looks when its straight. (i only have some heat damage in my hair, no chemical damage. its still technically virgin hair)  right now I HAVE to use head and shoulders dandruff shampoo and conditioner otherwise its a sandbox in my scalp. But i know that the sulfates aren't good for my natural hair. my questions are; 1-what products are good for dry and flaky scalp for both curly AND straightening hair?? 2- should i use head and shoulders as a clarify whenever i straighten? or are there other products that would help my scalp AND not damage my hair (i.e- strip it of its oils, sulfates) 3- the main reason i want to go curly is so that my hair can grow longer and a bit thicker, like how it was when I was a kid. so how often should I straighten, deep condition, wash in general?? the times I've experimented with my natural hair, it gets ugly, frizzy, and STIFF after 2 days, and thats even with spraying it and putting in more products. PLEASE HELP ME MAKE THIS TRANSITION EASIER!!!!I have 3b hair. 

1 Answer

I use Head and Shoulders.  I leave it on my scalp for about 5 minutes after I scrub my scalp with it before rinsing it out.  I always Deep Condition afterwards though because it is drying on the rest of my hair.