Should I buy a diffuser?

My hair is a mixture of 3A and 3B and forms ringlets like in the picture below, although not as many. I'd like to find a way to enhance my curls, so I was thinking of buying a diffuser, but I'm not sure of what a diffuser actually does. Does is give the hair a more wavy appeal or does it allow the curl to form according to its natural pattern? Thank you in advance for your answers :)

1 Answer

A diffuser reduces the chance of frizz I have just recently bought a diffuser and I find it useful when I am in a rush, but I think its better to air dry your hair it gives your hair more shine and less frizz. If you looking to enhance your curls I suggest that when you have washed it and put whatever cream onto your hair, you cup your hands under a section of hair and scrunch it, then use your diffuser or let it air dry (you can find tutorials for these on youtube) Hope this helped.