Should I get a diffuser?

My hair frizzes very easily and also is very easily pulled out. It weighs itself down. I have learned to style my hair how I like it, and I use gel. It generally dries the way it looks when it is wet, but it take almost 5 hours to dry!! I'm thinking about trying a diffuser, but will it change the way my hair looks? I want to be able to keep it looking how it does when it air-dries. (And same way it looks when it is wet.)

2 Answers

A diffuser is good to have on hand even if  you don't always use it. The best technique for you is figured out through practice, so just keep trying it out in different ways. Even just a few minutes of diffusing will lessen the drying time. Diffusers can also give some volume and let your products penetrate your seemingly low porosity hair (from the long drying time)
I would. I love my diffuser and use it every day. I diffuse it til it's about 75% dry then air dry the rest.