How to sleep with freshly washed hair overnight so the curls/waves don't go away?

I have tried the pinapple method but that just makes my hair more flat and waves straighter, loose braids make my curls go away please help me it's like I can only keep it down but even then my hair becomes slightly straighter in most areas and I can't sleep with my hair out 

4 Answers

What really helps is letting your hair air dry before you go to bed. When you sleep on wet hair it will dry the way you lay it down, so if you press the weight of your head on it then it might end up with straight parts. If you don't have the time to wash it in the morning then you could wash it a few hours before sleeping and let your hair air dry while doing the things you have to do inside your house.
Hi Penguin12,Yes Sherryx is right. Sleeping with wet hair is very tricky because it will dry the way you sleep. I recommend drying it before bed and then freshening it in t he morning when you wake up. I used to sleep with wet hair but style it in a bun and that worked out pretty well for the most part, but you will definitely have a crease where the hair tie is. But try that out and see if you like it. Good luck!
you could try wrapping it up in a microfibre hair turban 
You can sleep in prone position to keep your hair curly. However, it is best to dry it prior going to bed.