So I've finally figured out how to make my curls pop! But..

I've done a wash n go and used eco styler in my hair and my curls have been POPPIN. But when I wake up in the morning it gets mushed to the back of my head, even when I wrap it. Does that mean that if I want my wash n go look every day, I have to gel it up every morning for it to stay until the next morning? What else can I use to define curls? I don't want to have to keep buying products because I use them up too much.

3 Answers

Good morning BelloMina,When you say wrap your hair, are you referring to a wrap that you would do when your hair is relaxed? I strongly encourage the pineapple technique. I usually refresh my curls with moisturizer and shea butter and then by the time I get to work after driving with the windows down, my hair is back to its original shape. It took me months to realize that the moisture from the air helps me get rid of bed head. I know you may not want to walk out the door with bed head but trust me, it falls throughout the day. Just refresh with a moisturizer with light sprucing and let the outdoors do the rest. Let me know if this helps!
I agree with Amanda. Try the pineappling.. How to Pineapple Curly Hair | Video
Yes to the pineapple method! If you have short hair, then you might need to do several ponytails rather than just one ponytail on top of your head, but that should help avoid the flattened curls on one side.