Straight in the back :(

I have long 2B/C hair, and I really struggle to keep the curls in the back. If I plop overnight I can get a pretty awesome curl going everywhere, apart from a flat bit in the back, right at the nape of my neck. I think it's from where I sleep, and the fact that I usually pull my hair in front of my shoulders when I wear it down, so the back gets stretched out.I'm going to try a few new things to see if I can improve the situation (more product in the trouble spot, and a separate plop pile in that spot) but if any of you have advice on how you've combatted this, I would love to know.

1 Answer

Hi Glion, I think your plan sounds good. It's perfectly normal to have a straighter spot of hair where you sleep. If you're plopping then your hair isn't touching the pillow, but you could try using a satin pillowcase for second day hair.