Straight (2a/b) on top, curly (3a) underneath

my hair has pieces that are nearly straight on top but change to ringlets underneath. My hair is above shoulder length and doesn't like to grow longer than that. It's pretty thin and fine and gets stringy when too long. I cannot find a way to make this hair look good. I've gone to a DevaCurl stylist, used DevaCurl products (most seem too heavy for my hair, even in small amounts), gone to several other curly 'specialists' and not been satisfied. If I air dry exclusively, you can see my scalp. I have huge whorls on top and without a blow dryer, I look like I have no hair. My scalp gets oily fast and using conditioner alone just means oily looking hair for me. I really hate my hair and have taken to just putting it up all the time. Any words of advice?(I'm attaching photos of my hair so you can see what I mean. So much frizz and long strings of straight hair and tight curls underneath. This is after I washed, conditioned, used DevaCurl mousse, and lightly scrunched with microfiber towel)

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