Straight hair till my ears then super curly below.....I don't know how to style it?

Hi Guys any help with my issue would be great! I have been searching the internet for videos and answers but I can't seem to find any for my specific hair type. My hair is straight to my ears, pretty much no curl at all and then below my ears it is sooo curly almost like a 2c maybe 3a curly. It looks horrible when I style it because it goes from straight to super curly...I would like to not use it heat on it everyday..... any ideas on styling it? Or do you think if I stop using heat all together it would make to top part a bit more curly? I normally use living proof curl cream to style it naturally nothing else. Any suggestions for products? The length is just above my breasts. Thanks!!

1 Answer

Have you tried plopping? That's where you piled your hair on top of your head. It would help create some curl pattern on top of your head and give you great volume. Give it a try!