When striaght my hair goes halfway down my back, curly it barely touches my shoulder!

A while ago i did a little length check in a small section of my hair because i thought i wasnt getting anywhere. turns out my hair is like 5 inches away from being waist length! It was an amazing surprise but im curious why it doesnt show when its curly? But when I have it curly it BARELY touches my shoulder (when its dry. when its wet it just kinda brushes past my shoulders a little)I have very tight, teeny, tiny curls. not type 4, because theres a defined curl, its just a lot of very small ones.ive tried bantu knots, they just matted my hair. i tried a twist out but it ends up having a really chunky ugly pattern and only effects the ends, and the roots stay the same.i cant even wear my hair in a cute ponytail because its so short when its curly!do you have any effiecient/quick solutions to my twist out problems or how to sort my wack shrinkage? so far the only hair styles i can really do is taking two front pieces and pinning them back, or a bun.

1 Answer

Try strethched wash n gos and always twist and moisturize your hair at night.