How to style my curly hair? (Black male)

Please Read!: I have 3C type hair with longer hair on top with short sides and back. I shampoo it like once a week and condition itevery time I shower. Either during the shampoo or the conditioning stage, I 'detangle' it with a wide tooth comb. The problem is that no matter what I try, I can't seem to be able to consistently get my hair looking it's naturally curly way in a way that looks nice. I've tried ECO styler gel on some days, Twisted Sista curling spray, I sometimes use a leave-in conditioner to see if that will help, some days it seems like it does, other days it doesn't. The problem is consistency. I could do a certain routine one day and I love the way it turns out then do that same exact routine the next day and it just looks a mess with some of the curls clumped together. Any help would be great and appreciated, thanks for reading.

1 Answer

THE SMALL ‘FRO: Try an in between style that let’s you show off your natural texture without having to commit to long hair.