How to style my hair? Should I thin it?

I have 2b/2a curly hair, not sure. When I get out of the shower, I have gorgeous curls but as they dry, I get what you would refer to as triangle head and the curls loose their springy texture. Also as a day passes, my top half becomes straight and my bottom half remains curly. I'm currently using VO5 conditioner as a shampoo, kinky curly detangler to comb out my hair, and ecostyle gel to style it. I then airdry and go to sleep in braids and let it out in the morning. Someone told me that thinning my hair would bring out my curls and would be easier to work with. What should I do?

1 Answer

Hi Cainikkal, You could thin out your hair, but I would go to a professional to do it. Doing it at home seems too risky, and you wouldn't want to accidentally cut your hair incorrectly. While I can't speak to thinning, I do suggest going to the salon and meeting with a curl specialist who can help you find the perfect cut. Try our Curl Salon section to find someone near you.I would suggest asking him/her for layers that will help get rid of that triangle shape. They will know what to do. Good luck!