How to style hair the next morning without brushing it and turning it into a big poofy, frizzy mess?

I have 2b hair and it is really hard to manage because when I comb it gets really frizzy and poofy so I usually just leave it the way it is in the morning. It looks fine but when I walk out the door it always seems to get poofy and messy. I can't do anything to style my hair so it will look good most of the day. 

2 Answers

try a twist out or braid out  I find it helps when im strapped fir time the next day
Hi Acitr, Definitely don't brush your hair when it's dry. That leads to frizz and poofy hair for sure. I recommend reading this article about how to tame or style poofy hair. The key is to using a curl definer that will help keep your strands together. Check out these curl stylers on CurlMart. And be sure to apply them when your hair is wet and scrunch the product in so you get clumps of curls and not a big poofy mess. I recommend showering in the morning so that your hair can dry throughout the day. For second day hair, spritz your hair with a little bit of water and moisturizer to re-define your hair in the morning. But don't brush! Only brush your hair when it's wet, but be very gentle.You'll get the hang of wavy hair, but it takes time and patience. Good luck!