How do you style hair with new regrowth?

My hair is badly damaged and I don't want to do the big chop. My hair is 3a shoulder length and half of the length is damaged due to excessing bleaching over a month (5 bleaching processes BAD CHOICE!). I don't want to bleach or do I fashion color after this traumatic experience! Anyway, I want to grow my natural hair out. I have 1-inch of growth right now and a lot more to go. I haven't cut or trimmed it yet because I don't want to cut it even as bad as it is I don't look good with short hair... My question is.. how do you style hair while its growing out with the awkward regrowth stage, I say awkward because my hair is dyed Auburn after a bad blue hair blunder and my natural hair is a really dark brown. The color difference is very significant and I really don't want to do a touch up but I also don't want it to be really ugly looking.

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