how to style my hair properly

i used to have amazing curly hair that I can style I'm every possible way I used to get many compliments on how I should be thankful for such a hair type and stuff.. however, a couple weeks ago I decided to cut my hair for a change and now its shoulder length or a bit shorter.. It became straight at the top and a bit curly at the ends. I must say it doesn't look very pleasant to me.. I need new hairstyles Or methods to get back my old hair that I loved!  Also all I ever do now is put it in a ponytail because i don't have another choice? 

1 Answer

I'm not a professional but I would say you can do braid outs, Bantu knots, two strand twists or three strands twists, etc. If you have access to YouTube you can go look up "Alyssa forever" She had a lot of nice tutorials! Hope I sort of helped!