How to style long curly hair without it being weighed down?

My hair type is somewhere in between 2C and 3A. I have been growing my hair out for three years now and still going. It is currently about 6-7 inches below my shoulders. The only haircuts I have received are trims a few times a year, no shaping, no layering, nothing else. I have been growing it out even and taking great care of my hair. However, as you long-haired girls can relate, I have a serious issue with it being so weighed down every time I style it curly. My question is, what techniques or products can I use to add more fullness and volume to my hair so the limpness can go away? I would love to hear what has worked for you all, and what you would recommend to someone who is still trying to grow their hair out! Thanks!

1 Answer

Hi! I know that other curlies have had great success using a diffuser to add volume to their curls while they dry. I personally air dry but if you are looking to add volume I would buy one of those attachments that just goes onto the end of a regular hair dryer: be sure to blow dry your hair on the cool setting so that it continues to stay healthy.The other action I would recommend is getting a Deva Cut, I have seen them add amazing shape and volume to curls that were previously limp or frizzy. Most of the Deva Cut photos tend to be short bobs, but I have definitely seen long hair photos that were fantastic too.