How to style naturally curly hair/what products to use

so I have naturally thick curly hair and I hate it so I usually straighten it but it is getting too damaged so I was wondering how to style my curly hair and keep it curled because when it air dries it usually gets frizzy and poofy. What kind of products will help and how do I make it look like I didn't just get electrocuted. HELP!

3 Answers

There are 3 products that I would definitely recommend you have: a leave-in conditioner, a styling cream, and an oil. For the leave-in conditioner it's best to apply this all over your hair when it's wet, just out of the shower. I really like Infusium's leave-in because it is a liquid formula and not too heavy for my hair, it also helps give me curl definition. Other good leave-ins are Oyin's Juice and Berries Obia's spray leave-in. your hair is wet and out of the shower, it will probably start to form curls on its own, my advice is not to comb or brush them at all, just let the curls form naturally and if you want to help them form then scrunch the ends with your hands. Then I would apply your styling cream, my favorites are AG Beach Bomb TIGI Curls Rock Curl Amplifier. a small amount and smooth that over your curls, again try to touch the curls as little as possible.And last, you can smooth an oil over your ends for shine and to prevent frizz, something like argan oil or AG's the Oil work well. air dry your hair or if you need to blow dry then use a diffuser on the cool setting. 
I know exactly how you're feeling, I was the exact same way Couldn't find a product to define my curls, until I discovered Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I've been using it for over a year now, and although I have tested out other products. I will NEVER not repurchase this, I also use a little gel for even more definition and hold. Give it a shot! It can be found at Walmart, Walgreen's, CVS, or, Sally's Beauty Supply Good Luck!!
The best way to choose ingredients/products is by hair properties. Here's a link to help you determine yours She gives types of ingredients that are usually good for the various properties. If your a curl talker, you can look at people's signatures for others with similar hair and see what they use and do. It's a good place to start.