How to style wet 2a/b/c hair before bed?

I take dance classes five nights a week, so I need to shower at night, but I haven't found a way to preserve my natural waves overnight. When I air dry my hair after a shower (on the weekends) my hair looks pretty good! But when I sleep on it it just goes wonky/straight by the morning. Two strand flat twists end up looking fine, but I'd also like to be able to wear my natural waves during the week! I have a silk pillowcase, silk scarves, and I haven't figured out how to make a pineapple work in my loose waves. Maybe I just have to rock the two strand flat twists? The attached photo is of my natural air dried waves. Also, I'm sorry I still haven't figured out exactly where my hair lands in the wavy spectrum, when I just read the descriptions my hair fits 2c, but when I look at photos it looks more like 2a or b...

1 Answer

when you go to dance class put your hair up in bun trying to preserve the waves (wrap your hair on it self). Don't put it in a pony tail it will flatten the waves, then once you are done release the hair and briefly style it with your fingers and water. If you don't sweat much on your scalp and hair you can probably skip washing. So you can wash Sunday morning, sleep with your scarf trying to preserve the waves, then don't wash on Monday but probably you will have to wash or water wash on Tuesday or Wednesday. When you do that try using a diffuser to dry your hair and style then again use the scarf to sleep. I go to the gym 6 days a week also at night but  or wash I don't wet my hair at night, I'll rather wash it in the morning. So I get a quick freshen up shower at night and wash when needed in the morning. The mornings I haven't was I wake my curls with a lavender spray and a bit of product. I haven't found a night routine yet but hope those tips help and you are able to find a routine that best fits you.