Style/Cut Ideas

Hello again!I've been growing my hair out for quite some time now and no longer use any heat. My hair is in fabulous health, shiny, curls are bouncy and large  2C and some 3A I think. My problem is that as it grows it gets flatter and is just beginning to look frumpyish..What can I do other than layers to give it more fullness? I do henna almost every month, co wash every 3-4 days and diffuse upside down. ANY ideas please, I don't want to lose length! Heres a recent pic..

1 Answer

Hi! Have you tried clipping your roots for lift? I use the duck bill clips from Sally but the Deva Clips are even bigger and would give even more lift. They cost quite a bit more too. Also, I get a lot of volume from pineappling my hair at night but that might be b/c I have fine layered hair that's shorter.