Is styling cream/custard/pudding used together with a leave-in-conditioner or instead of one?

I don't understand the steps of using styling cream. Is it wash, oil, leave-in-conditioner then styling cream or wash, oil then add styling cream and style?

2 Answers

If you're referring to the L.O.C. method, then it's Leave-In, Oil, Cream. So yes, wash 1st, next the leave-in conditioner, followed by sealing w/ oil, then cream or whatever you choose as a styler. You can switch it up however you like, this is a just an option to help with a regimen for retaining moisture. 
after you cleanse you need a conditioning/moisturizing leave-in like a lotion or something water based (doesn't have to be watery just needs to have water as on of the first 5 ingredients, preferably higher up on the list). Next its really up to you and your hair, but, like ShadowLace said with the LOC method you need an oil next and then a cream/styler. If your pudding or creamy styler has butters/oils in it and is rich and thick, you might not need an oil in the second step. If for your 3rd step or your styler you prefer to use a gel or light styler, you'll probably want to use an oil/butter before or after the styler or mixed with the lighter styler/gel. Again, its up to you and your hair. You will have to use trial and error to find out what your hair does best with.I hope that helps!