Styling help needed for fine-but-lots-of, v.long, bleached 2b (i think) hair!

I wash my below bra strap, fine-but-lots-of, dark blonde (dyed) hair once a week and ALWAYS use round brush and hair dryer. It frizzes easily and is porous from the dying.I wanted to give my natural curls a go for the first time so I washed my hair with my usual L'Oreal absolute repair shampoo (to remove the silicone products) and mask. I squeezed, pat dried with towel and applied two squirts of redken curvaceous cream/serum (my straight haired hairdresser told me to try it) to each section that i carefully raked and shaked. I don't have a diffuser so i embarrassingly improvised and stuck my head over the oven upside down. It is the best overall volume i have got "naturally" but the curls are really stringy (think 80's perm) I will give the oil scrunch a go when it's fully dry but i'm guessing that won't fix the stringy curls. I won't stop colouring (greys have started). What can i do differently to get better "clumps", curl definition, less frizz(!) and moisture.  

1 Answer

Hi Mez, I think your hair is beautiful! If you want better clumping, I recommend reading this article:, I wouldn't recommend raking wavy hair, unless you want those beachy stringy waves. Instead of raking, I would replace those steps in the article with prayer hands motion. Put product on your hands and smooth it over your hair instead of "raking" it through. Everything else in that article is great for clumping, I recommend following that. Your products sounds great, I love Redken. If you want better definition you can try adding some aloe vera gel to your regimen (as a leave-in). It works great to clump curls together while adding moisture as well. Also, I wouldn't recommend using the oven to dry your curls. I suggest air drying over heat, but if you must have heat, definitely invest in a diffuser! They're great! Good luck!