What styling options do I have for 4c hair?

I've been natural again for about a year. I did the big chop.My hair grows slowly. I use natural products and oils such as coconut and rosemary. My hair is has major shrinkage. Because of this when I try to wear it naturally it doesn't have a pattern no matter what I put on it and it makes it very short which I'm not comfortable with it. I have tried flexi rods and two strand twist but because my hair is thin it shows my scalp very easily. Today I got my hair flat iron which is fine for right now, but I know that it will start shrinking soon.My ideal hairstyle is to wear out with a slight curl pattern but because of the shrink it and make it difficult. I was thinking about a  texturizer but was not sure if that would cause more harm to my hair .I'm at a point due to my limited time I need something low maintenance. I was told my hair is  weak so I need to stay away from braids because it put too much tension and also if I wear wigs too long I noticed that it cause breakage. I'm not sure what to do at this point very frustrating.. :-(

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