Styling product recommendations for type 2 hair?

I ran out of the DevaCurl Wavemaker and am in need of a replacement! I really don't want to spend 26 dollars on 5 ounces of product that lasts only a month. I have coarse, low porosity hair that tends to frizz and lose definition by day 3.  I want a styling product that has maximum hold, preferably a cream? I'm scared to try a gel, but I'm open to good suggestions. 

1 Answer

Maybe try shea moisture coconut hibiscus smoothie? That works well for me. Don't be scared to try a gel! If it doesn't work in your hair it's not the end of the world. Ecoco eco styler gel is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cheap and although I haven't tried it, it sounds really good, and am planning on buying it. Since it's not a big investment (you can buy like, 16 ounces for three dollars), it's worth a try.