Styling without styling products?

I have 3a curls  and use all sorts of products (gels mousses creams) (not all at once - interchangeably). I get compliments all the time but my hair dresser is insisting that I stop using all of those products and only stick to styling my hair with a leave in conditioner. She says that the alcohol in those products is drying out my hair (I can see her point). I don't know if I am up for quitting products cold turkey. Just want to hear if other members have gone through a similar experience where they have quit using product, or find out which products that are alcohol free do you  recommend. 

2 Answers

Just my 2 cents.. my opinion . A lot of hairdresser's want you to buy their products ( they might make commission )  or they have to try and sell them by their management. That doesn't necessarily make the products bad, but you need to do you own research and make decisions based on you and your  budget.  I am 2b , not fully CG, I buy some budget and a few high end products. WIth me its trial and error. and working off recommmendations of others with hair similar to mine. When I quit getting highlights, I stopped using a lot of products. Try finger styling and air drying. It works for me. If you don't see a lot of damage from your current product , no breakage , then stick with what YOU want. I hope this helps. Feel your pain , many hairdressers try to talk me and daughters into products , which you either cant afford or don't want. I really don't think too much about alcohol or silicones, if my hair looks great. Good luck
I think your hair dresser is right. I see people loosing lots of products which I don't think are necessary. I used  mousses before and I didn't like its feeling on my hair. At first when I watched CG videos, I learnt how to treat my hair but I didn't have all those gels, creams, etc. they used, so I started with only an anti-frizz leave-in conditioner and sometimes oil on my dry ends and I was fine. I scrunch with a leave-in conditioner or sometimes use it to twist or clump my curls. Although now I have other styling products, I rarely use them. I am 2c/3a.Try it, if you find a leave-in conditioner is not enough use styling product without alcohol.