Any suggestions for how to style my hair?

I have fine, wavy hair that is very frizzy. My hair looks best when it's air-dried in a pony tail. If I use a diffuser it just gets very frizzy and the next day all the waves or curls are gone and it's a frizzy mess, leaving it down to air dry makes it puff up around my face and the top layer of my hair. I also need to wash my hair every other day at least because for some reason (I think it's the water here) the rest of my hair will be fairly dry but my scalp will be disgustingly greasy by the next morning. I also need to brush it after taking a shower, I've tried detangling in the shower only but when my hair dries it gets very twisty and weird. I currently use redkin frizz dismiss shampoo and conditioner and herbal essences mousse for curly hair, I can't use anything too heavy because it will immediately make my hair greasy. Do you have any suggestions on what products to use or even how to diffuse my hair so the curls don't look weird. The diffuser I have now is by solano but I just ordered the devacurl diffuser. Thank you! 

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